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Fantail Wedding Planning


There is a lot to be said for taking that big step in your relationship. Once you have said YES… what is next?

This is where we come in. Not to take over but to support you both to becoming married. Yes, there is lots to do, to arrange, to confirm, to budget for, to make decisions on. At times they are, well, overwhelming.

We can say we will not let you sweat the small stuff, but you will. We can say you won’t get emotional, but you will. We can say we will make the road stress-free, but from experience, everyone gets just a little stressed. We can say you will not freak out at the money you are dropping on ONE day, but you will. We can say that there are lots of moving parts to a wedding, but you already know that.

What we can say with hand on our heart, is this is not our first ride around the block. We have worked through a process to create a system that helps you plan the best celebration EVER. A process that lets you do the normal freakouts, but makes sure you feel safe, supported and heard. We have your back and we lead you from the front to the aisle to say I’do.

The support we offer our clients is our priority. To this end, we only accept one wedding per date. We are with you every step of the way. On The Day we are first on site and last to leave. We ensure everything is just how you want it to be.

Our team of professional coordinators use an industry planning tool you are able to log into. That way, we are all on the same page. We offer a “Full Wedding Planning Service” for unlimited guests, or a “Small Wedding Service” for up to 30 guests or a “Month Out Co-Ordination Service” to help you be stress free and enjoying your day in style.

To discover the right fit for your wedding journey, please get in touch. We love hearing from potential clients.

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At Fantail Weddings, we offer Wedding planning & Styling along with creating stunning wedding florals for heartfelt celebrations.

Based in Wanaka & Queenstown NZ. Available for travel    New Zealand wide.